Private Schools

Stock image of a group of teachersJohnson County Shared Service Arrangement (JCSSA) has a system to identify, locate, evaluate, and serve special education students who currently attend a private school located within the jurisdiction of JCSSA. This includes students with disabilities attending religiously affiliated schools and students who are homeschooled.

We conduct referrals and evaluations in the same manner as for students in public schools.
On an ongoing basis, we invite representatives of private schools to a face to face meeting to discuss child find activities and participate in consultation regarding: Child Find, proportionate share of funds, consultation process, provision of special education and related services, and written explanation by JCSSA.

Private school personnel or parents may contact the student’s home campus to request an evaluation for special education services. The home campus educational diagnostician, program coordinator, and/or speech pathologist will gather the referral information and conduct the evaluation on the home campus in the same manner as other students. We hold the initial Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) committee meeting at the home campus to determine eligibility and develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) including placement options that JCSSA is willing to provide. Parents will make the choice between public school services and private school services.